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Siang Pure

6 x economy pack Siang Pure inhaler stick smelling stick Formula II / nasal inhaler

6 x economy pack Siang Pure inhaler stick smelling stick Formula II / nasal inhaler

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Siang Pure Oil products are known in Southeast Asia for their calming, soothing and refreshing properties.
Thus, this Siang Pure inhaler pen is one of the more well-known nasal inhalers that is very similar to the Poy Sian nasal inhaler.

The oil is essentially the same as Siang Pure Oil Formula II (white) and is made from 100% natural ingredients. It can help with nasal congestion, dizziness and nausea and relieve itching from insect bites.

The inhaler fits in any pocket, so you can take it with you wherever you go and enjoy a refreshing 'breeze' whenever you need it - just hold the inhaler near (or even in) your nose and take a deep breath.

You can also twist the bottom with the oil to apply the oil directly by putting a few drops on your skin e.g. B. with insect bites. If applied soon and before scratching, this oil can work small miracles!

Attention: Make sure that the oil does not get into (or near) eyes, open wounds, mucous membranes, ..
This nasal inhaler is not and does not replace medication. The oil is natural based and contains no anti-inflammatory substances. Swollen mucous membranes will not decay from use. The effect of inhaling or applying the oil should therefore not be overestimated. Therefore, no addiction can arise.

Main ingredients:
Menthol 53.0%
Eucalyptus Oil 32.0%
Camphor 2.0%
Borneol 1.5%
mineral oil qs 100%

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