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Tiger Balm

TIGER patch cool cool 2 pieces 10 x 14 cm - The ORIGINAL

TIGER patch cool cool 2 pieces 10 x 14 cm - The ORIGINAL

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Tiger Balm plaster 10 x 14 cm 2 pieces

Healing power from Far Eastern medicine.

The Tiger Balm patch relieves and soothes muscle and joint pain for several hours. For acute pain, stiff joints and tired, aching muscles. The soothing and healing effect can be felt immediately. Durable and comfortable to wear.
Product Information
The Tiger Balm Plaster provides long-lasting muscular pain relief. It helps with stiff neck/shoulders, back pain, lumbago, general muscle pain and sports injuries.
· Cooling after application, then slightly warming.
· Very comfortable to wear and hardly any skin irritation thanks to the innovative hydrogel base applied to air-permeable fleece.

· Thanks to the stretchable fleece, it is also ideally suited for use in areas that are constantly in motion, such as knee joints or elbows.
The plaster can be removed easily and painlessly after use (even on hairy areas) and leaves no residue on the skin.
Intake and application recommendation
From 12 years. The resealable pack contains 2 plasters.

Pack sizes:
Pack of 2 patches

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