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Prim Perfect

Professional Whitening Toothpaste Prim Perfect Herbal Toothpaste OVP NEW Thailand

Professional Whitening Toothpaste Prim Perfect Herbal Toothpaste OVP NEW Thailand

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1 piece (a cup: 25 gr.);
Professional toothpaste whitening Prim Perfect is very popular in Thailand. White Thais like to use this paste, and tourists buy it for the future. It is made on the basis of borneol (camphor) with the addition of clove extract and other vegetable elements. Toothpaste has no chemical additives, it does not contain flavors and colorings. In just a few applications of Prim Perfect herbal toothpaste, teeth become significantly whiter. A feeling of freshness and purity in the mouth is much longer than with traditional toothpastes. The whitening effect is noticeable after a few applications of whitening herbal toothpaste.

The advantages of round toothpaste Prim Perfect: - care of the oral cavity; - eliminates unpleasant odors from the mouth and freshens breath for a long time;- relieves inflammation, bleeding gums and removes dark plaque;- strengthens gums and reduces sensitivity tooth enamel; - blinds teeth and makes you strong.
Despite the small volume of the jar, herbal paste is enough for several months of regular use.
Toothpaste contains no coloring and flavorings. Application: open the cover, remove the protective film to keep the wet brush on the paste surface. Thin enough layer of paste as it foams well and cleans teeth from plaque. The brush should be slightly damp.

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